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Pampady St. John's Cathedral

Welcome to Pampady St.Johns Cathedral

Pampady St. John's Cathedral is situated in the Pampady panchayathu of Kottayam district. It is one fourth kilometer south to the Kalachanda junction of the K.K. Road by the road deviating to Manjadi.

Pampady St. Johns Cathedral enjoys the privilege of being one of the largest parishes in the Malankara Orthodox Church. This parish consists of fifteen wards, more or less of 45 homes, the total number of homes being 700 and members about 4000. It spreads to three neighboring panchayaths of the Kottayam district. The cathedral has the privilege of being the mother church of fifteen neighboring orthodox parishes. Pampady cathedral is closely related to the Malankara Orthodox.

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Live Webstream starts at 18.00 Hr January 06th.

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Pampady St. John's church was developed as the result of the dispute existed between Pampady Christians and the administrative authorities of the Manarcadu St.Mary's church. In 1829, the Orthodox Syrian Christians residing in the east of Manarcadu St. Mary's church formed themselves into a separate congregation. They established the new church on a hill, which consequently came to be known as 'Pallikkunnu'.

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The members of the St. John's Cathedral have formed many associations.

Prakasham Prarthana Samagamam(With Intercession of Saint Pamapdy Thirumeni),
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Our Parish's Proud And Blessings
Pampady Thirumeni

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